About Aria

Diem Phuong (Aria) is a UX/UI designer and an avid storyteller with work experiences in fintech, design systems, AI Automation, ML, Conversational AI, NLP, and products that require high-technical knowledge like complex big data systems, internal tools for technical users like engineers, sales engineers, etc. She also has experience working as an independent designer, with design teams and cross-functional teams (with engineers, data scientists, and product managers). Her solutions have helped companies generate millions of dollars in revenue and received more funding from VC, Investors, etc.

Aria loves collaborating with other people to help companies find and solve the correct problems to create impacts. She found a passion for combining logical data, creativity, and empathy to deliver human-centered experiences. More than that, she has strengthened many of her UX/UI design skills over time such as research, analysis, ideating, information architecture, data visualization, user interface, usability testing, wireframing, and prototyping. She can work effectively as an independent designer and also collaborating with cross-functional teams on any projects and empathizing with customers and the businesses.

Other hobbies: running, cooking, reading, learning, and of course, traveling. She also makes short films.

Favorite books she has read:

  • Thinking Fast And Slow
  • The Design Of Everyday Things
  • Don’t Make Me Think
  • Lean UX
  • Laws Of UX
  • The Daily Stoic (In Progress - Reading)
  • To Sell Is Human
  • Swipe To Unlock
  • Sketching User Experience (In Progress - Reading)
  • Psychology Of Money
  • Sapiens (In Progress - Reading)